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Dear Parents and Friends,

  • Simon and Garfunkel

  • Def Leppard

  • Outkast

  • Ed Sheeran

What do these artists have in common? They’ve all topped the charts with anthems dedicated to the photograph.  For the class of 2023, the senior / parent Gillette dinner pays its own iconic tribute to photographs – photos of your beloved seniors.

So, while many of you are participating in “senior challenges” on Facebook/social media where you post one photo a day for ten days or, you may be getting photographs ready for yearbook or graduation cards – it’s a great time to gather images for the Gillette slideshow.

Upload four high-resolution* original digital files (jpeg are best) or scans of hard copy photos to the form linked at the button above.  You’ll want:

  • a baby/toddler photo;

  • a photo from their childhood (any age of your choosing),

  • a photo where they appear with a group of friends or classmates,

  • and a senior photo.

The deadline to upload is April 23rd.  With over 300 students in the class, we are looking at 1200 photos to be collected, organized and thoughtfully assembled into the slideshow.  The Slideshow Ninja's will need all the time they can get.  So, the sooner you submit, the easier you will make their lives and the less they will have to hound you for photos.

* Some things that cause low photo resolution: sending a screenshot of a digital photo, sending a photo from a website that stores in lower resolution (e.g., Facebook, Shutterfly), or taking a photo of a hard copy without removing the picture from the frame. 

Thank you to our Slideshow Parents:

Jill Petrie, Matt Petrie, Kristy Willadsen & Niki Battikha 

Got questions or thoughts for us?  Email

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