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  • Erin Graziano & Jeneen Peschutter

Gillette Ticket Form Live

Email sent on March 8th Hello Class of 2023 Fan Club,

The ticket form for Gillette is live. Thank you so much for your patience while we worked out a few things. We did need to alter our menu offerings which did raise our cost and, therefore, we needed to raise the ticket price slightly to $55. We are extremely excited about this special night and hope you will all be able to join us.

The next step in preparing to celebrate our seniors is the slideshow which will be shown at Gillette. Use this Google form to upload your photos. The deadline to submit photos is March 22nd. With over 300 students in the class, we are looking at 1200 photos to be collected, organized and thoughtfully assembled into the slideshow. The Slideshow Ninja's will need all the time they can get. So, the sooner you submit, the easier you will make their lives and the less they will have to hound you for photos. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Slideshow Ninja's -

The Class of 2023 is also currently selling "H" flags. Get yours today to hang proudly at your house for graduation or for your student to hand on their dorm room wall or to wave at sporting events. Link to purchase on our website ( Thank you for your constant support as we prepare to celebrate our Class of 2023 students!


Erin & Jeneen & the entire Senior Events Committee

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